Rock Valley Tool


Our Rock Valley Tool division manufactures precision header tooling for the fastener and other forming and forging industries. This division’s manufacturing processes include CNC turning, milling, all facets of grinding, polishing and Wire and Ram EDM.

With over 35 years of experience and continuous effort directed at satisfying the customer, we would like to think we have learned a few things along the way such as. . .

Quality. . . It’s Expected

That is why we have updated our Quality Manual to meet the ISO-9002 standards. Our operators inspect and document the results at each operation. We also perform final inspection before an order is approved for shipment.

Delivery. . . It Better Be There On Time

We use a computerized scheduling system to assist us in managing our production. Every day we review the status of upcoming due orders. When the occasion occurs that we cannot meet the delivery you required, we will notify you ahead of time so that, if possible, you can adjust your schedule.

Pricing. . . It Must Be Competitive

In addition to an extensive library of set-up and run times for the tooling that we manufacture, we also utilize quoting software. As the cost is being developed, so is the routing that will be used during the manufacturing process. Our system eliminates the guesswork and allows us to develop proven costs associated with specific tooling.

Service. . . It Has To Be Dependable

We pride ourselves on treating all customers as number one. You are important to us. You can depend on courteous, professional, and reliable assistance with each and every contact.

When given the opportunity, we work hard at building a relationship with a foundation of trust, dependability, and reliability. We are truly a company that believes in saying what we can do and doing what we say.

If You Can Form It. . . We Can Tool You Up For It!

Sawing • CNC Turning • CNC Milling • Centerless Grinding • O/D Grinding • I/D Grinding • Surface Grinding • Honing • Polishing • Wire EDM • Ram EDM
Computerized Scheduling • Reliable On-Line Order Status • Internal Performance Measurements • Qualified, Quality Conscious Machinists
Raw Material Control • Shop Routing with Operation Sequence and Instructions • First Piece / In Process Inspection and Documentation • Final Inspection Report Available with each Order
Committed to Excellence • Customer Sensitive Service • Dependable / Knowledgeable Personnel • Same Day Quote Response